My services - dog training in Munich

Dog training is very individual. Therefore, we discuss together what suits you best.
Whether consulting, individual coaching, behavioral counseling or employment opportunities - we tailor a concept for you and your dog.

Purchase advice

Which dog is right for me? - Animal welfare, pedigree dog, puppy, senior

A puppy, a shelter dog or an animal welfare dog? What does the shelter dog bring to the table?
Which is the right dog for me?
Can a puppy directly become an office dog?
We answer all these questions and many more together. Together we define criteria, see which dog fits into your everyday life and go through all possibilities together.
Not only the appearance decides, but also what he was originally bred for. For example, the Australian Shepherd was bred for herding and still loves to do so, and the beloved Labrador is and remains a hunting dog. Therefore, you should think carefully about whether you can really use your desired breed.

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Puppy training in Munich

puppy school Munich
puppy training in Munich
puppy coaching in Munich
puppy coaching in Munich

Puppy school - the 1x1 for young dogs

What does a puppy need? How and when does he sleep? How much sleep does he need?
Let's look at your everyday life together and I will explain what equipment you need and what you should pay attention to especially the first weeks. I am always very happy to walk the journey together with you from the beginning, to celebrate successes and to prevent challenges.

IMPORTANT: Please pay special attention to where your puppy comes from (rummage sale puppies). Unfortunately, the puppy trade is still booming and especially due to the incredible increase in demand during Corona enormously.

Your first To Do's:
Have a chip inserted in your dog. You can do this at your vet.
Enter this chip number together with your contact details at Tasso or Findefix. In case your dog runs away, everyone knows how to contact you.

Individual lesson - your individual dog training in Munich, Westend

The best way to discuss your issues is in individual sessions. I take time for you alone and after our dog training you still get a summary, because I know how much new there is to learn and that it sometimes seems quite a lot. I explain in detail the next training steps and am always at your side if you have any questions.

  • Individual dog coaching in Munich
  • Einzelcoaching4_Hundeschule München_Hundecoaching Du und Ich
  • Einzelcoaching2_Hundeschule München_Hundecoaching Du und Ich
  • Maple Pfötchen seitlich-min
  • Paula suchtHundecoaching Du und Ich

Buddytraining - two (or more) dog teams

Dog training according to your wishes - species-appropriate activity in your group with familiar people.
Your friend or neighbor has similar issues as you with your dog or you would like to train your dogs together, for example obedience?

Book a buddy training with me!

walking_Hundeschule München
walking_Hundeschule München
Social Walk_Hundeschule München_Hundecoaching Du und Ich_1
Social Walk_Hundeschule München_Hundecoaching Du und Ich_1
Willkommen_Hundeschule München_Aussiedor_Hundecoaching Du und Ich_1
Willkommen_Hundeschule München_Aussiedor_Hundecoaching Du und Ich_1

Dog care


Would you like to go on vacation or away for a weekend and don't know where to leave your pet because, for once, he can't come with you?
I would be happy to look after your dog in my household on a 1:1 basis, or my dog Paula will support me. He will join me in my everyday life and will always be looked after.
If a visit to the vet is necessary, I will preferably go to the veterinary clinic in Oberhaching and, depending on the emergency situation, I will of course discuss this with you in advance. The costs are of course to be borne by you.
The condition is that he can basically stay alone (because I also have to go grocery shopping sometimes :) ) and that he gets along with my dog Paula. It is best to bring food, a basket/blanket, medication if necessary, 1-2 favorite toys and a few snacks with you when we hand him over.

Your furry friend will pay €80 per night and €60 per day or part thereof.

If this is of interest to you, please contact me. We will then arrange a walk with our dogs, your dog will then get to know the area and if everything fits, we will discuss the details.