About me - dog trainer Therés

From hobby to profession - dog training in Munich with passion  

I'm Therés, your dog trainer and I'm looking forward to meeting you.

dog trainer Therés in Munich, Westend.

In my family there have always been dogs. I felt comfortable in this environment and so it was clear to me for a long time that I will have my own dog someday. But it was also clear to me that this dog would become my companion. This is my idea of my personal human-dog team.
When my boss at the time agreed to an office dog, I went on a search and found Paula. She moved in with me in November 2019 and after a short time came to work with me, where she became the first office dog.

From fun to vocation

Like many other puppy owners, I looked for a dog school in Munich in advance and found "Freude am Hund". There I was with her in the puppy play class. Afterwards we did the basic course and I kept seeing trainees who wanted to become dog trainers. We had so much fun and the atmosphere was just amazing, so I decided to become a dog trainer myself.

Today it is my perfect balance to my office job and I would do everything exactly the same way again.
It's a real passion and my desire is to share my knowledge about dogs and their communication.

I'm looking forward to meeting your dog and you!



Of course I am examined after paragraph 11 Abs. 1 No. 8 f of the animal protection law of the veterinary office Munich.


I completed my training at the dog school "Freude am Hund" in Munich. Here I laid the foundation for my training methods based on positive approaches. In the ten-month training I was able to gain a lot of practical experience and learn the methods of very good trainers.

It is essential to continue education in my profession to expand the range of training methods and possibilities.
Each dog-owner team is individual and needs individual advice and that's why I participate regularly in different education sessions.

Examined dog trainer Therés from Munich